From the beaches of the South to excursions inland.

Here at Piscina Rei it is easy to discover something extraordinary every day. The wild coves that in this period are again available in their natural integrity, the archaeological evidence of a so far past, the geological works of rare beauty, unique for the particular constitution of the territory, are the favorite destinations for the most curious traveler who opens new routes in places destined to be collected among the most beautiful memories of people.

It is in this period that the photos, the descriptions, the stories that created the vision of Sardinia in the collective imagination as a pearl of the Mediterranean, become real. Whether it is one of the most beautiful beaches for families or the goal of a difficult trekking route, it is always a surprise to discover the profound identity of the island in all that surrounds us. The advice is to open up and let yourself be embraced by the wave of emotions that these unique places in the world can offer to those who can listen to them at the slow pace of the explorer who lives a little adventure every day.

Cala Mariolu, Cala Sisine, Cala Goloritze, Cala Luna, Grotta del Fico, the Golgo of Baunei, Gorropu, Barumini, Nora, Tiscali, Bacu S’Orruargiu